When you're having a new home built or need to replace the exterior doors of your home, you may want to consider a solid timber door. While each type of material used for an exterior door may have its own advantages, solid timber is often a favorite for homeowners for several reasons. Consider a few of those reasons here, and why a solid timber door may be a good choice for you.

1. Timber is easy to cut and style for a more attractive look.

A solid timber door may have panels cut into it for some depth and visual appeal, or may have panels cut out so that glass can be installed. Frosted glass can allow more light into a home and stained glass can also be very attractive and give a home's entrance a traditional look.

Having panels cut into the door can also make a home's entryway more attractive. Square panels are good for a craftsman style home, whereas curved panels can make a door look very traditional. Cutting a metal door this way is very challenging and rarely do metal doors come with glass sections or cut panels.

2. Dense timber is fire-resistant and acts as an insulator.

The dense material of timber also offers many advantages for homeowners: the lack of air inside a thick timber door won't feed a flame so that a fire can't spread. This dense material also acts as an insulator for the home. You're less likely to lose heat or air conditioning when you have a dense timber door than with a metal door, as metal doors conduct heat and hold cold. In turn, metal doors will let in heat on a hot day or cold air during wintertime.

3. Timber doors are easier to paint, stain, and drill.

When you're ready to make a change to your entryway, a timber door is easy to change. You can strip it of paint and leave it looking natural, or stain it any color. Metal doesn't hold a stain as easily as wood and may not offer as many options for a new look, and PVC may also not hold paint colors as easily.

Because timber doors are also easier to drill, you can change out your locks more easily than with a metal door.  You can often drill new holes for locks on your own and then fill in the holes left by old locks with wood putty and filler. This can be a very difficult job with a metal door, as you need special drills to cut holes in metal and cannot fill in old holes in a metal door as easily.

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