The popularity of magnetic fly screens has risen in the last few years because of the distinctive benefits attached to installing the products. These include their aesthetics, effectiveness, flexibility and ability to fit in with most window types. It is vital to choose the right magnetic product to ensure that it will provide long-term service. Here are the main mesh aspects to consider before purchase of the screen.

Mesh Material

The screen is designed to deter the entry of insects as well as other foreign items such as leaves and debris. The material should be resilient to mitigate the risk of tearing and breakage; these aspects are evidence of the durability of the purchased product. One of the most common choices in magnetic fly screens is fibreglass, which is favoured because of the cheaper price of purchase over metal alternatives. It is ideal for installation in homes where the screens may be pushed by pets or children since it does not get dented.

Aluminium is also a good screening material but it costs more than the fibreglass option. It is a durable metal which will provide prolonged service without corrosion or sagging. The only drawback is the potential for permanent damage if the mesh suffers slight distortion. Fabrics like nylon as well as polyester can also be purchased but they are more suited to doors.

Mesh Type

Magnetic fly screens do not have weak spots along the edges because of the tight seal formed after installation. However, the effectiveness of the screen in your home will be dictated by the type of mesh in the product. The standard mesh is similar to the conventional fixed type in terms of mesh size and general structure. It is ideal for keeping normal bugs out of the home and it is effective in most locations.

In some cases, midge mesh, which has smaller holes, is more suitable since it also reduces the entry of sunlight and heat during the hot months. If you have curious children and pets, the pet mesh is a perfect choice. The screen is normally laminated with plastic which makes it more durable, even with constant contact with hands and paws.

Mesh Colours

Magnetic fly screens are visually pleasing since they are frameless and it is easy to view the outdoors through them. In addition, you can choose your screen from a variety of colours to match your interior and exterior property designs. However, if you want a minimalist look, fibreglass and aluminium screens are available in gray and charcoal shades.

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