For many reasons, some homes are darker that others. A lighter interior not only can improve our mood, it can also cut energy usage, and showcase the décor in a home in its best light. So if you're despairing a dark home, or even a dark room, there are a number of approaches that can brighten your home – and your life. They include:

1. Repaint

Lighter colour schemes not only look fresh and modern, they also reflect the natural light already in the room, and can help a room feel larger. If you're interior feels dark and closed in, a new lick of paint in whites, beiges, creams and other neutral tones can be one of the quickest and most affordable ways to brighten the space.

2. Change to Glass Doors

Adding new windows to a home while possible requires structural changes to the blueprint of the home. This may be worth doing in some circumstances, but another option is replacing a solid door with one with glass panels. A front door with frosted glass panels will filter light into the room, usually a lounge

3. Trim Trees and Bushes

Trees and shrubs surrounding windows and planted close to a building can block sunlight from entering. While they may provide shading and help keep the home cool, too many trees around a property can not only make the home feel closed in, but can present a risk in storms, clog guttering with their falling leaves, and potentially act as a bridge for termites and pests to enter the home. 

4. Change Up Your Window Furnishings

Curtains, blinds and other window treatments absorb precious light. Dark coloured curtains and blinds might be worth keeping in the bedroom, but even when pulled back, contribute to a darker room. Consider shutters to maintain privacy, as they can be angled to still light light pass through, or try soft transparent window sheers. 

5. Add a Skylight

In certain rooms darkness may be more of an issue than others. For example, in a kitchen, a skylight can provide better visibility to make preparing food and cleaning more efficient, as well as improving the feel of the space. Compared to adding a new window, a skylight is also cheaper to install and won't have privacy impacts from neighbours, also making them a good option for bathrooms.

6. Use Mirrors and Shiny Surfaces in Dark Rooms

While they don't actually add natural light, mirrors reflect the natural light already available around the room, giving the feeling of a brighter space. Two mirrors placed directly opposite one another will reflect light in a continuous loop, add more depth to a room, a contribute to a greater sense of space and light. 

These are just a few ways to add more light to a home, but keeping the home clean, and surfaces uncluttered will also go a long way towards maintaining a lighter and brighter home.