If you'd like a little extra privacy, two-way mirror film is a quick, simple and inexpensive way to get that. It's a simple idea: You buy a sheet of the silvery film and stick it over the glass of the window, after which you'll be able to see out, but anyone trying to look in will only see a reflection. This helps you to feel more secure inside your home and, if you're trying to rent it out or sell it, can even be a minor selling point for prospective takers!

There's a bit of a knack to installing it, though, so read on to learn how to get it right. Proper installation is crucial--but anyone can do it with a little time and concentration.

Step One: Gather Your Materials

The first thing you should do is ensure you've got everything you need ready in one place:

  • A tape measure

  • A cutting board

  • A craft knife

  • Some window cleaner

  • A microfibre cloth

  • A spray bottle of distilled water

  • A credit card or similar

Step Two: Cut Your Film To Size

Using your tape measure, carefully measure out and note down the exact dimensions of the window you're hoping to cover. Lay your film over a cutting board and use the tape measure and the craft knife to carefully slice the film to size.

Step Three: Get Your Window Completely Clean

Clean the outside of your windows as thoroughly as you possibly can. Don't skimp on this step: Every single piece of dust, hair, grit or dirt will create a bubble in the film, and that bubble will spread. Bubbles can cause the film to peel and they also look unsightly; get that window cleaned as thoroughly as you possibly can before you begin the installation process!

Step Four: Spray & Smooth

Spritz the outside of your window with a light but even coat of distilled water. Apply the film carefully, starting from one edge and working slowly across. Use a scraping tool such as the edge of a credit card to smooth down the film and squeeze the distilled water out as it sticks.

Step Five: One Last Check

Once you've worked your way slowly across the window and the film is all applied, take a step backwards to do one last check for bubbles and other flaws. Should you find any, use your scraping tool to carefully work them out before all the water is completely dry.

With a little work done to your windows, you can gain a lot of extra privacy.