Decorating with mirrors around the house can open up any space and make it seem big and bright; mirrors are also a good way to create visual interest on the walls, if you struggle to find artwork you enjoy or that coordinates easily with furniture and other accessories. Mirrors can also be functional as well as decorative, as adding them to walls by entryway doors allow you to easily check your makeup or hair before running out the door! When you are ready to add some mirrors to your home's interior, note a few mistakes you want to avoid so you know the end result is a space you love in any room.

Mind your own reflection

While mirrors can allow you a quick check of your appearance before you leave the house, you may not want to be staring at your own reflection when you're eating or even just watching television. If you want large mirrors in a room to reflect as much light as possible, hang them horizontally and above your eye level, or higher than your height when sitting in the living room or dining room. This will ensure they're not a distraction and that they only enhance the room's appearance, not detract from it.

Keeping it too bare

A frameless mirror can be very attractive, but be cautious about a mirror that is so bare that it looks like it belongs in the bathroom! If a frame for a mirror you've purchased on its own, or are recycling to become an art piece, is too expensive, buy some pieces of moulding at the hardware store and have them cut to fit, with 45-degree angles at each end. You can then use construction adhesive to put those moulding pieces right on the mirror, to create a frame. You might also get creative with framing materials; glue some seashells in the corners for a nautical theme, or glue a large velvet ribbon to the bottom of a mirror used in a formal dining room or bedroom.

Not cleaning them properly

Mirrors you use for artwork will need some cleaning and polishing, but the wrong cleaning materials and techniques will mean streaks and even damage to the mirror. Be sure you use a soft, lint-free cloth, or even crumpled newspaper for the mirror! These won't leave streaks behind and won't scratch the surface of the mirror. For very large mirrors, you might even use a squeegee to remove cleanser from the mirror's surface and keep it looking as clean as possible.