Whether you're running a business or guarding your property, you can never be too careful in protecting a building's contents. If you have other security systems in place, you might wonder whether it's worth installing roller shutters too. Before deciding to give them a miss, you should consider how they'll make other security installations more effective.

Roller shutters act as an early trigger for alarm systems

If you already use an alarm system, it's worth asking your security company if it'll work well with roller shutters. The main benefit of installing shutters is that no amount of determination makes it easy for intruders to penetrate them. However, some will still try, especially if they believe they have the right tools. Installing shutters in conjunction with your existing alarm system means an intruder will trigger the alarm upon trying to force entry. That in itself should encourage them to stop, and your security firm will receive a notification that prompts them to send for the police.

They make motion-sensitive lights a better deterrent

Motion-sensitive lights are always worth installing. They act as a spotlight that exposes those who could otherwise hide well in the dark. At the same time, those living in surrounding buildings may assume that an animal is setting off your light, which means they're not always likely to disturb an intruder. If a burglar feels that they'll gain quick access to your property, they probably won't let floodlights stand in their way. When gaining access becomes difficult, they're not going to stand in a spotlight for long. Roller shutters will take a significant amount of time to break through even with professional tools and techniques.

Use them as another tough barrier to break through

The effort you put into making your property secure is a great example of the Swiss cheese model. If you stack slices of Swiss cheese from different blocks on top of one another, it's unlikely that a straight hole will run through from the first to the last. The efforts you put into security are no different. Even if someone breaks down one layer, the chances are the others will mitigate any risks they present. Think of roller shutters as another tough layer for intruders to break through. If you have gates, fences, double glazing and other physical hurdles that an intruder can defeat, your shutters make it far less likely that they'll succeed.

If the idea of installing roller shutters seems appealing, talk to a professional. Together, you can decide which type will serve your property's needs.