For many Australians, versatility and practicality are two of the most important features in any serious purchase. Getting the most value for your money is something held dear across the country, which is why doing research is so important before pulling the trigger on an item you have been looking at. When it comes to additions to your home, there are three areas that are very important to consumers: security, privacy and temperature control. A fantastic device that gives you better control over all three of these areas while remaining aesthetically pleasing is the roller shutter.


On most houses in Australia, windows cover a large area of the facade. Windows make much-easier entry points for would-be intruders than doors, as the locks on windows are much easier to bypass by simply breaking the window with any nearby rock or blunt object. Roller shutters, on the other hand, provide a layer of security that does two things: 

  1. Disperses the impact: While many roller shutters are not explicitly built with security in mind (some are), they all provide a level of cushioning that means any physical attack trying to get into your house will take longer and be much louder. It will not stop a determined attack, but it will slow it down and alert you and your neighbours to the danger.
  2. Makes your home a harder target: Most robbers or burglars are looking for easy targets. Roller shutters present an added layer of difficulty to any intrusion, and so most criminals will simply leave your home and look for another opportunity. 


Most Australians live in relatively close living quarters to their neighbours, as the vast bulk of the population is concentrated in cities and the suburbs that surround these cities. Due to this, it can often feel like you have very little privacy, especially if you have nosy neighbours. Roller shutters allow you to completely obscure the inside of your home from any prying eyes, and they allow you a level of privacy that most other blinds and curtains do not. The most common place to install roller shutters would be the street-facing windows on your home, as this is where the most foot traffic passes your house and, thus, is where added privacy is most wanted. 

Temperature Control

Due to homes being quite large and sprawling in Australia, there are often a lot more windows simply because of this extra space. Summers in Australia can turn these windows into natural heaters as sunlight pours into your home and heats up the interior. If you are struggling to combat this heat, then you should consider getting some roller shutters to help you control your home's temperature. This is also a much more energy-efficient way to cool your home, rather than just using expensive air conditioners, and is therefore much better for the environment.