You can install outdoor blinds in different places around a home's exterior. They'll keep the building cooler in the summer by shading it. Plus, they'll allow you to create an extra living area. Read on to discover two specific places that will benefit from the installation of outdoor blinds.


Most houses have eaves, a section of overhanging roof that keeps rain and high sunshine off the exterior walls and windows. Without eaves, the window panes and rooms can grow unbearably hot in the summer. However, a roof can only overhang so much, only blocking the sun when it's almost directly overhead. If you install outdoor blinds with retractable arms, though, you can shade the windows even when the sun position shifts.

Retractable arms angle the blind out diagonally from the building. They thus maintain a garden view and fill the rooms with light. Outdoor blinds allow you to keep your home open even on hot days. Otherwise, you may be forced to close the indoor curtains or blinds to keep the rooms cool, thus robbing your house of the lovely sunshine. Cooler rooms will enable you to turn down the air conditioning and reduce energy costs.

These outdoor blinds come in different models. They can be manually or remotely controlled. You can also fit designs that have sun and moisture sensors so they'll open of their own accord if they sense heat or rain. 


You can also install outdoor blinds around a patio that fall vertically, acting like walls. Material options include woven screening canvas that blocks UV rays while letting you see through the mesh, so you don't feel enclosed when relaxing on the terrace. Alternatively, opt for clear PVC, which will bar the wind and rain from ruining your enjoyment of the outdoors.

Terrace blinds can be set up in different ways. Some use spring mechanisms, while others use cranks. Other designs glide along sidetracks that are set into buildings or posts. These blinds don't flap in the breeze but hold firm, so it's like an extra room has been added to your house. 

Once you install the blinds, you can lounge on the patio and feel a connection to nature more frequently. These coverings will also help shade your house and keep it cooler in the summer. If the building has wide glass doors leading to the patio, outdoor blinds will stop them from becoming a heat trap and forcing you to crank up the air conditioning.